With the many contractors providing services for home and office exterior, the best way for you to spot on the best contractor is by asking them questions relevant to services they provide. It is necessary that before you even sign a contract with these professionals, you have to make sure everything is clear. The more questions you ask, the closer you are acquiring the rightmost service you are looking for.

Questions To Ask When Hiring Home and Office Exterior Contractor

There are basically 4 questions you have to ask these contractors: Timeframe, warranty, budget and materials to use.

  • Timeframe

You would never want to get a service that you have no idea about timeframes. Depending on the extent of the home and office exterior project, you may need to evacuate your home or stop business operation for couple of days, weeks or even months, hence timeframes are important to be set clearly, and followed as discussed.

Under this question, you may want to include the following:

  • Where to start: A contractor who is well known in the industry, may have long list of clients waiting for their service, hence they may not be able to schedule your business right away. Another factor that may cause the start date to get a bit delayed is the materials availability, like the availability of the parts of a stucco eifs edmonton.

Ask clearly when they can start yours, better if they can start immediately, yet if not, ask how long do you need to wait.

  • Working hours: How long are they working in a day? Are they working all days of the week? Make sure you know, so at least you have an idea on how effective are they working on your home or business exterior.

Surprise visit in the moment they started working is also a good idea.

  • Planning: How long is the planning stage? You sure would want to be part of it, so it is a must that you make yourself available during this time.

This is when you will get the timeframes of construction and end date of the project.

TIP: You are asking for timeframes not to rush the project but to know how fast they can finish and to set your expectations. Rushing this important project is definitely not a good way to achieve what you want to achieve for your home or business exterior.

  • Warranty

This is an important question you need to ask too, coverage of the warranty should never be taken for granted.

Under this question, ask specifics such as:

  • Coverage: What is the extent of the warranty, are the stucco eifs edmonton included? How about the painting? How long is the coverage, is it for a year, two or more? Is it possible to extend the warranty? Does it come with a price?

Coverage is an important factor you need to consider when asking for warranty.

  • Causes of termination: Just like any warranty coverage, they may set restrictions and reasons for warranty termination. In the contract, they are usually written in fine print. If you have questions about this part, you better ask, as you would not want to end up disappointed not being able to claim your warranty just because of a very minimal error.
  • How quick they respond when you are claiming warranty: In case you reported an issue, how long can they send a professional to check on the issue. A simple chip on paint can destroy the overall look of your home or business, and fixing it the soonest time possible is a must. Ask how fast they respond to warranty claims.

TIP: There are some warranty inclusions that are not clearly stated on the contract, hence it is best if you ask the contractor on all the free services you can claim after the actual service. Do not hesitate asking as you may get a lot from it.

  • Budget

You should never let them begun planning unless you know how much you have to prepare. You would never want to end up with an incomplete home or business exterior renovation project just because you failed to check on the budget.

Under this question, you must ask:

  • Materials to use: What are the materials they will use for your home or business exterior? This is necessary as materials say a lot about the price of the project. You sure would not want to save a lot with the materials to use as this may cause the quality. Let them show you available materials, including pros and cons, and the price of each option. The more possible materials they can show, the better.
  • Professional fees: This is where you can try to negotiate. Know the price of the professional fee. Although, you should never compare an orange to an apple or a professional or contractor in the home and office exterior renovation, enhancement or design for 10 years to a contractor who never had a project.

TIP: It is best if you let the contractor know your budget and let them provide you with possible outcome base on the budget you have on hand. If they cannot work on what you can afford, you are free to more to another contactor who can.

It is highly recommended if you ask questions that you know can help you decide on who amongst the many contractors to hire. This question and answer portion may take time, yet this is your key to hire the best contractor for your home or business.

When setting up a meeting or calling them, it is necessary that you bring a pen and paper to record all the contractors’ answers to your questions, they should not mind anyway if they are confident with their responses. Then, when you were able to collect all the information you need, you can start comparing and see who amongst them is the most suitable to take over your project.