What:What:Dallas Desperados Dancers 6th Annual Final Dance Auditions 
When:Thursday October 26th 2006 at 7pm 
Where:Glass CactusGaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center on Lake Grapevine1501 Gaylord TrailGrapevine, Texas 76051Dallas Desperados Dancers 2006-2007 Auditions::DOWNLOAD AUDITION APPLICATION (MS WORD FORMAT)::::PREP CLASS INFORMATION::::DIRECTIONS & MAP::
The Dallas Desperados Dancers Have Gained International Attention for their Fun, Fresh, Music Video Style and Trademark Black Sequined Chaps!The Dallas Desperados Dancers auditions are open to women 18 years and older. We are looking for bright, friendly, attractive young women to perform at all Dallas Desperados home games. Also, The Dallas Desperados Dancers perform and make personal appearances throughout the country.
You must be 18 years old by the date of the Preliminary Audition, Oct. 7th 2006.Please bring a photo ID to auditions.You must have a high school diploma or GED.You must live in (or relocate to) the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and have reliable transportation.Preliminaries and Semi-Finals are closed to the public but families and friends are definitely invited to watch the finals on Thurs. Oct. 26th at 7pm.Just fill out the application and send along with the $20 application fee to: 
Attn: Pamela Jagger PurcelDallas Desperados Dancers-AuditionsOne Cowboys ParkwayIrving, TX 75063

Please make $20 check or money-order (no cash please) payable to: Dallas Desperados Dancers. You will receive an e-mail stating that your application was processed. Please wait until one week prior to auditions if you have not received this e-mail to call the DDD office (Sept. 30th). For those candidates who do not have an e-mail address, a letter will be sent for confirmation.You may choose to fill out the application and pay the $20 the day of prelims. Preliminaries All interested applicants must attend the preliminary audition held at the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ studio on Sat. Oct. 7th 2006 at 10am-3pm. Prelims will be a closed audition and will consist of having a Polaroid photo taken, an introduction to the judges, learning and executing a short hip-hop style routine (in the style that is performed at Desperados games). There will be no free-style dancing. A small panel of judges will watch the preliminary auditions and will select a group of candidates to advance to the second round (semi-finals) held on Saturday Oct. 14th 2006.
Semi-finals will be a closed audition held at the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ studio on Saturday Oct. 14th 2006 at 10am-4pm. The semi-finalists will again introduce themselves to the judges and perform the routine taught at prelims. A second routine will also be taught and executed. The judges will select a group of finalists that will advance to the final auditions.
A meeting will immediately follow the semi-finals audition in which the finalists are briefed on Finals and Training camp. A “hand-out” which supports this information will be given out at this meeting.

Training Camp will be held at the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ studio on Thursday Oct. 19th 2006 at 7-9pm. This mandatory step in the Finals process includes a quiz, Finals choreography rehearsal and interview.
Finals will be held (location to be announced) on Thurs. Oct. 26th at 7:00pm. The new 2006-2007 Dallas Desperados Dancers will be announced at the completion of finals.
Attire:Prelims Attire:Dance apparel that shows figure, including: leotard and tights (no panty hose) Biker shorts/trunks or dance pants with a cropped dance top/sports bra topDance sneakers or jazz shoes are recommended, as the dance style is hip-hop.Semis Attire:Tights (tan/flesh colored)Short biker shorts or trunks (any color)Cropped dance top/sports bra top (any color)Shoes: Dance sneakers or jazz shoes are recommended, as the dance style is hip-hop.
Finals Attire:Black Dance pantsSports bra top (any color)Desperados cropped T’ shirt (supplied by Dallas Desperados)Shoes: (dance sneakers/dance shoes —Black looks best)
Hair and Make up:Hair should be attractive and not distracting.Make up should be attractive.Please, no body-glitter.No belly rings or visible tattoos

*Audition format and schedule subject to change.
Dallas Desperados Dancers Commitment:Being a Dallas Desperados Dancer is a big commitment for one full year! 100% Commitment is required. You’ll be very busy but it’s a lot of fun! Schedule includes:Desperados Home GamesRehearsals (between 2-4 rehearsals per week: evenings and weekends)Personal Appearances (Charity & Paid) Fan MailChildren’s Hip-Hop WorkshopsPerformancesInterviewsPhoto ShootsTelevision and Radio AppearancesDallas Cowboys Home Game Appearances
Tentative 2006-2007 Rehearsal Schedule: This is just to help give you a general idea about the rehearsal schedule planned for the year. It can, and very likely, will change as events are added to the calendar. All rehearsals are closed and are mandatory.November – June:Rehearsals will generally be held on Sundays 10am-1pm, Tuesdays 7-9pm & Thursdays 7-9pm. July – September:Rehearsals will generally be held on an as-needed basis.
Dallas Desperados Home Games take place at American Airlines Center on the weekends during Jan 2007 through June 2007. There are 8 regular season home games in addition to the possibility of play-off and championship games. Dancers are expected to perform at all home games.
DDD Rules & RegulationsThe following is an abbreviated list of the Dallas Desperados Dancers Rules & Regulations… A complete list will be given to each selected Dancer after finals.
CONTRACT:Each Dancer will be required to sign the Official Desperados Dancers Agreement. It is each Dancer’s responsibility to follow the terms set forth in the agreement.
ATTITUDE:A positive attitude is crucial as a member of the Dallas Desperados Dancers.
Poor conduct and disrespect for fellow team-mates will not be tolerated. If at any point the team director feels a dancer has a poor attitude or disrespect for management and/or fellow teammates, that dancer will be warned and then if it continues, the dancer may be dismissed from the team.
CODE OF ETHICS:Certain types of conduct are unacceptable under any circumstances. Violation of these rules will result in immediate termination from the team.
Smoking or consumption of alcohol while in uniformPersonally using or being in the possession of non-medical drugs in or out of uniformAny disorderly behavior that damages the reputation of The Dallas Desperados Dancers, The Dallas Desperados or The Dallas Cowboys OrganizationDisrespect for organization, director or teammatesSocial interaction, fraternization and/or dating football playersEMPLOYMENT:A Dancer shall not be employed in any position that damages the reputation of The Dallas Desperados Dancers, The Dallas Desperados or The Dallas Cowboys OrganizationWhile under contract to the Desperados Dancers, team members shall not accept employment as alcohol promotion girls.While under contract to the Desperados Dancers, team members shall not participate in any appearances, shows, performances, or modeling outside of DDD arranged events without prior written approval by Pamela J. Purcel.ABSENCES & TARDINESS:The following policies are at the Director’s discretion and are subject to schedule demands:
If you miss one (1) rehearsal (excused or unexcused), you may be taken out of the performance (game, show, or appearance) related to that rehearsal regardless if it is a month or a week before the performance.If you miss two (2) rehearsals (unexcused), you will be dismissed from the squad.If you are late one (1) time (unexcused), you are put on notice.If you are late two (2) times (unexcused), you will not be in the performance (game, show, appearance) related to that rehearsal.Of course, all legitimate emergencies will be taken into consideration.All Desperados’ home games are mandatory (8 regular season games, plus any play-offs).