An adventurous journey that, leads the mind towards great imaginations. When, the surroundings seem to be a playground, and your personality playing the ‘hero’. Situations turn into challenges, and others seem to be an opposition. Places which you have never imagined, auras which you have never experienced. When you reach high peaks of hyper emotions, the greed to win makes “Gaming” the most preferred past-time.

With the more and more developments in technology and excessive use of gadgets, children become a part of the most influential group. Gaming and surfing are found out to be the most favorite pass-time of the teenage, who spend hours and hour in the world of these influencing games such asClash Of Clans. This is a game that enters the player into a world of an empire, where the player becomes the warrior and the guardian of the vast empire. He is made to fight with the other empire’s army and maintain his all troops and weapons by conquering other neighboring villages and acquiring more and more wealth. The player can easily be mused in the gaming, its intensity of features as well as its amusing effects. These are the areas which attract the most attention of its interested players.

Can this game influence my behavior?

The answer holds a yes! This game can influence the player’s mind immensely. The person starts to imagine himself in the shoes of the character, he empathizes himself in the character’s situational factors, with respect to the game allotted to him. He tries his best, especially the children who take such games seriously and even indulge themselves in similar activities as are performed in the game. The behavioral aspects link themselves with the action of the person and easily make them behave and react accordingly in an affected manner. For example, in the aforementioned game, warrior character, impacts upon the person playing the game excessively. The player plans and creates his own community named ‘Clans’. They are required to fight for gathering more and more resources. If it’s a child, they start to imagine themselves in the game’s environment, they get engrossed in the stages immensely and start making efforts to mimic the appearance of the character as well as earn coins which have been classified as:

  • Gold
  • Elixir
  • Dark Elixir

These are the main earnings throughout the game which help the player to build and reload defenses that protect the player from other players’ attacks as well. Such gaming actions also leave an impact in the psychological spheres of the player’s mind, following to which stunts of the warrior follow. The winning aspirations of the player reach peaks.

How exciting is the game?

Video games, incites the gamer to be affected by it. Its attractive effects and modifications bring the person into its mesmerizing stages. The gamer somehow gets caught and is addicted towards winning the game and proceeding further and further to gain more and more scores. Few of such adventurous and amusing characteristics of the game can be listed as:

Addicted effects: The stages seem to be so exciting and arousing that the player does not wish to come. In this game building gold mines and storages required to be maintained for storing the earned points through gold coins. There are other constructions needed for securing the warrior’s village-like, cannons, mortars, bombs, Teslas etc. The players’ mind becomes full of curiosity to know what will come next.

Attractive appearance: The gamer has developed the game’s effects and pictures so attractive and eye-catching that the user is automatically attracted towards its icon and curious to know what is packaged within it.

Innumerable stages: There are a number of stages available for the game, which makes it much harder for the player to leave the game in the middle. There have been frequent new additions in the game for making it more exciting and interesting for example, a new update is “builder base” a place to explore new islands.

Adventurous gaming features: The most exciting times come when there comes ‘Clan Wars’, where players join and form groups to save their Clans and villages. Each clan is given a ‘preparation day’ and one ‘war day’ to proceed with the final wars. Such challenges are accepted by the players wilfully and in an eager way to play more.

This is how game developers, bring out smarter and clever techniques to allure its viewers, and the internal features such as the genres, fictional characters, the scenes, the exemplary adventurous stages and not to forget its featured effects. All these charismatic characteristics of the games compel the game lovers to be a part of the gaming world.

Way forward

When seen towards the game’s popularity and demand it has caught the attention of a large group of fans. It is being loved for its amazing challenges and adventurous stages. The promotions of the game are being done through the medium of YouTube and other video sites as well, which present the game in the form of advertisements and appear on the screen of the viewer. Such advertisements are receiving positive responses from all around the sites, which are giving the game more and more players.

The game was appreciated by all and stood as the third largest viewers in the app store. Its appearance in the covers and icon has been designed in a really attractive manner which carries the true power to catch the attention of people. All the more, there stands no doubt on the gameplay its instruments such as the building attractions, barracks formation, eye-catching effects and not to be ignored by the troops and spells. The most interesting factor is involved with the grouping and the unity among its players, their united feelings for their clans can be seen as feelings of togetherness and sacrifice. The game would stand as the best choice for the people who love fighting and adventure, visit site for the reviews.