L.A. Gang Wars

For gang members in South Central Los Angeles, the “hood” is a brutal war zone, where streets are defended, often to the death.

LA Gang Wars :
SUN JULY 20 9P et/pt : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/series/inside/3477/Overview/?source=4003

Duration : 0:3:10

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Ep. 3 Blood Brothers, The Peacemaker L.A. Gang Wars Season 1

Episode 3, “Blood Brothers”
Synopsis: In Inglewood, the Inglewood Family and Queens Street Bloods have one thing in common–brothers from the same biological family. G-Luv from Queens Street and Squeak Ru from Inglewood Family have been on opposing sides since childhood. But even their family ties can’t bring these two gangs to peace. Recently, G-Luv’s friend Trent was shot and killed by one of his rivals from Inglewood Family.

Duration : 0:21:40

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