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Dallas Desperados Sponsorship Opportunities

Sports Marketing Has Proven To Be One Of The Most Sought After Forms Of Marketing

“Sponsorship of a sport adds value to your brand. Among all the intense competition, sponsorship of a sport will make a brand stand out & create a unique position in the mind of the consumer.”

    • “BRAND/CORPORATE AWARENESS - Sports sponsorship puts a name in front of the consumer so that he will give it favorable recognition when exposed to other specific marketing messages.
    • BRAND/CORPORATE IMAGE - Sports sponsorship can open dialogue between companies, showing the sponsor as a global player worthy of recognition & suitable to do business with. Sponsorship can also provide suitable hospitality vehicles to meet and do business with clients.
    • EMPLOYEE RELATIONS - Sports sponsorship can encourage company pride and loyalty to help attract and retain staff.
  • COMMUNITY RELATIONS - Sponsorship can show that a company cares about its community and is prepared to invest in its future and the welfare of its citizens”.

Sports Sponsorship That Gets Results:

AFL Fans are more likely to TRY a sponsor’s product

AFL Fans are more likely to SWITCH TO a sponsor’s product

AFL Fans are MORE LOYAL to a sponsor’s product

We Offer A Variety Of Exciting Sponsorship Opportunities:

Sideline Dasher Boards
4′ X 15′ Dasher Board
Provides tremendous visibility during Desperados games, both in-arena and on national television. Dasher boards located along the wall of the field.
Field Turf Squares
9′ X 6′ Turf Square
The most prominent signage, located directly on the field of play. Provides excellent visibility in-arena and on national television. Exclusive exposure to 4 sponsors.
In Game Promotions
During a break in the game, your company will receive on-field or in-stand promotion. All eyes will be on your company for this fan interactive promotion.
Coach’s Shirts
Your company logo embroidered on coach’s shirts. (Home or Away). Tremendous exposure thoughout the games as well as interviews on national television.
Internet Advertising
Your company’s logo on the Dallas Desperados website, with a link to your company’s website. The Dallas Desperados website receives approximately 5,000 users per day.
Jumbotron Exposure
In-arena video board feature at all Dallas Desperados regular season home games. Includes PA announcement and your logo on the video boards. Provides a major sponsor presence in the American Airlines Center.
Print Advertising
Four color advertisement in the Dallas Desperados Game Program. Quarter page, half page, and full page ads available. 15,000 programs distributed per game. Handouts with your company specific information may also be distributed to all fans entering or exiting the arena.
Celebrity Appearances
Your company will receive the use of the Dallas Desperados Players, Dallas Desperados Dancers, Coaches, and Mascot to add an extra touch of excitement to your event.
Mascot Sponsorship
Your company logo on the Official Mascot of the Dallas Desperados, Kid Coyote. Your logo will be included on other various Kid Coyote items (autograph cards, jersey, etc)
In-Game Advertisement
Advertising from an indoor blimp is the best way to get your company noticed. An advertising blimp can make a lasting impression and create brand identification with your target market.
Concourse BoothYour company will receive a booth in the concourse of American Airlines Center. At this booth, your company will have the opportunity to distribute any information and giveaways to all fans entering the arena. Your company will also have the opportunity to conduct “Register To Win” drawings and raffles at this booth.
“Field Name” SponsorshipTitle sponsorship of the “field name” at American Airlines Center. All Dallas Desperados game related information will refer to the “XX Field” at American Airlines Center.
Product SamplingOpportunity to sample your product to thousands of fans upon entry or exit of the arena at all home Dallas Desperados games.
Radio AdvertisingThirty (:30) second or sixty (:60) second spots during all live broadcasts of Dallas Desperados home and away games. All games broadcast live on Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket.
Uniform PatchYour company logo featured on a 2′ X 3′ patch located on all Dallas Desperados Player jerseys. (Home or Away).
VIP HospitalitySeason tickets to all Dallas Desperados home games.Reward employees, entertain top clients, develop relationships, or just enjoy an exciting game of football yourself! Block tickets for larger groups. Company recognition and welcomes over the PA system and logo on the jumbotron.
Bench SponsorshipYour company logo stretched across a banner hung behind the Desperados or visiting team’s benches. Great opportunity for exposure during all shots of the team benches both in-arena and on television broadcasts.