The Illusion of Opposites

You’ve heard that opposites attract. You’ve probably also heard that like attracts like. So which one is it? It can’t be both. Can it? Actually it is both. The reason why is because the concept of opposites is an illusion.

You have probably heard it many times before. You’ve heard the stories of people who had arguments or even physical altercations when they first met. Funny enough and often enough; these people then end up as close friends. Some people may call this opposites attracting. On the surface it would seem that way.

Why does this happen? These people are very much alike. This is the reason they had an initial conflict and it is the reason why they would become close as friends. Paradoxes such as this often arise when looking at topics of great depth.

Here is an excerpt from my book, What Is Really Good? on the subject: <blockquote><em><em>The DNA for all humans is over 99% identical. It is the negligible difference; the remaining less than 1%; that gives us the infinite differences among us.

It’s kind of like the snowflakes of a blizzard. There are countless trillions of them and yet every one of them is different. They are all made of the same stuff; the same composition; and the one piece of content they differ on gives us the same overwhelming ratio of similarities to differences.

Think about how much more similar opposing forces are to each other than different. EX: Police and violent criminals, armies of opposing nations, gang bangers from opposing gangs, social and political activists of opposing sides on an issue, opposing sides in any contest (sports, academics, business, social, intellectual, etc.); basically any and every situation of conflict imaginable. The only difference in these mostly similar and opposing forces is the piece of content they differ on. This piece of content is which side of the whole they are identified with; which polarity of the situation they are aligned with; which relative opposite they would like to oppose. For the most part, besides this factor, the opposing sides are overwhelmingly similar. </em></em>

The illusion of opposites is simply an extreme in the overall illusion of duality. There can be no object with out a subject. Funny enough; the extreme nature of an opposite, points more to the similarity the two things have.

The nature of duality is that there can be no negative without a positive; there can be no left without a right; there can be no up without a down, etc. Since one can not possibly exist without the other, it stands to reason that they are one in the same.
They are not separate from each other.
They are not a “they”. They are an “it”.
What is “it”?
“It” <strong><em>is</em></strong>.

To explore this and other topics of depth, read the book <a href=””>What Is Really Good?</a>

C. Om

U.s. is not Dealing With Mexican Violence Against Americans

BY MICHAEL WEBSTER: Syndicated Investigative Reporter: Mon Jan 12, 2009 at 12:01 AM PST

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said this week if Mexico’s vicious drug war ever spills into the United States they have several response plans, one of which calls for a military surge along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Secretary Chertoff there have already been many so called “spill over’s” into the U.S. with little or no response from the Bush administration. Many believe it is do to the cozy relationship between the two governments.

From Brownsville Texas to San Diego California Mexican cities bordering American cities are where most Americans are being killed by assassinations and executions. But other Americans are being killed by the long arm of the Mexican drug cartels which reach deep into America. There are accounts of Mexican drug cartel surrogate terrorist’s invading the U.S. by crossing the porous international border and killing Americans in Dallas Texas, Atlanta Geo, New York City, Phoenix Ariz, Las Vegas Nevada, and is believed to have reached Shelby County Alabama where five people were found murdered gangland style by Mexican nationals.

Many Americans were kidnapped in the U.S. and taken to Mexico where they were murdered. Still other Americans were abducted and slain in Mexico while visiting, others where shot gangland style in country. Dozens of U.S. citizens have been kidnapped, or held hostage, or killed by their captors in Mexico and many cases remain unsolved. Moreover, new cases of disappearances and kidnap-for-ransom and Americans being killed continue to be reported. On top of that there have been dozens of incursions by the Mexican military into the states. Also all along our borders with Mexico American authorities have been attacked by the Mexican military and by those believed to be well trained Mexican drug cartel surrogate terrorist using military style Humvee’s, rocket lounges, assault rifles, grenades, 50 cal mounted weapons and other hard core military weaponry. To date there is no evidence that the U.S. Government has done anything to curtail these attacks. 

Carey Marcella McClintock was threatening to testify against a prominent and well known El Paso criminal defense lawyer who has represented Mexican and American drug traffickers and that he himself was beholding to the drug cartels and their gang members.

Carey’s father has been independently investigating his daughter’s killing and now believes that Carey was taken from a Texas town near Dallas to Juarez Mexico across the border from El Paso Texas on a ruse, and was brutally murdered on August 31, 2008 in Juarez so she could not testify.  She was found in an abandoned house in the desert minutes outside of the city.  She had been beaten and stabbed multiple times. Carey’s father believes that his daughter was about to testify against the attorney and others in a federal and on going investigation involving the Mexican drug cartel and there hired assailants the El Paso’s Barrio Azteca Gang  One Of The Most Dangerous In Nation. “I believe she was coerced into going to El Paso by the attorney and the attorney’s girl friend where she was provided transportation and was put up in a hotel in Juarez and all paid for by the same attorney. Her family fears that what really happened to Carey has happened to others and that her murder and others like hers will never see the light of day and will never be solved by the corrupt Mexican authorities. He also says the American authorities refuse to investigate because they claim the crime was in Mexico. The El Paso Police Dept has been informed as to the details surrounding the case where the local attorney illegally transported and harbored a known fugitive, yet no investigation is underway. The father also thinks the same attorney had something to do with his daughter’s murder.

In spite of all that, Chertoff claims he has instructed the 22 federal agencies that fall under his preview to develop border-violence response plans because the drug war in Mexico appears to be escalating, not ending. So far, more than 5,300 people have been killed across Mexico as the result of the on going civil war between the Mexican Government and the powerful Mexican drug cartels.

“We completed a contingency plan for border violence, so if we did get a significant spillover, we have a surge if I may use that word — capability to bring in not only our own assets but even to work with” the Defense Department, Chertoff told the New York Times.
He did not give details on how, when or where the military might be used.

According to the El Paso Times Jason Ciliberti, a spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which is one of the federal agencies under the Homeland Security department, confirmed the contingency plans. He said federal agencies have had border-violence response plans for several months now.
“We need them so customs and Border Patrol can continue daily operations,” Ciliberti said from his Washington, D.C., office. “The other reason the plans exist is because these agencies, which are all a part of Homeland Security, must provide U.S. citizens with a safe place to live. If the violence threatens the daily safety and daily routine of U.S. citizens, Homeland Security must be ready.”

Many Americans believe that the crimes against Americans such as kidnappings and murders by invading forces like the cartels are being ignored by the American government and many local law enforcement officials are turning a blind eye on the violence accruing on American soil or just are not properly informed.

An example of this attitude or lack of knowledge is found in a recent statement by the acting El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen where he said that he did not think a military buildup would ever be needed. He went on to say “It would have to be an end-of-the-world type situation before the military is brought in. “We all pretty much feel like the violence is going to be contained in Mexico. Our concern is minimal.”

These statements are coming from our so called first line defense law enforcement officials along our border with Mexico. Luna County (N.M.) Sheriff Raymond Cobos, whose territory encompasses Deming and the Columbus port of entry a section known for drug and human smuggling, said the drug cartels are very much aware of the firepower U.S. law enforcement agencies and the military have.

“I think they look across the border and see a lot of U.S. law enforcement ready to respond,” Cobos said. “Since the violence started, we have treated every incident as a potential border violence incident. But so far, nothing has spilled over.”Cobos told the media recently.

Ciliberti said the contingency plans vary, but for the most part, if the violence in Mexico spills into the U.S., the first Homeland Security plan calls for increasing the number of Border Patrol agents in the region. Chertoff said that nationally, an additional 19,000 agents will be deployed this year.

The Homeland Security plan also calls for the partnering of federal agents with local and state police officers to help patrol any areas where border violence is occurring.

“As a last resort, it would include the military,” Ciliberti said.

The EL Paso Times reports that Paul Boyce, a spokesman with U.S. Army public affairs office in the Pentagon, said all of the U.S. armed forces, including the Army are a part of U.S. emergency contingency plans. He said the military is ready to help any city, state or region in any type of emergency.

“For security reasons, we do not get into the details or say what our role would be,” Boyce said.

Cobos said that if the violence did reach across the border, local law enforcement agencies up and down the border would be able to respond appropriately.

“But if for some reason that didn’t work,” he said, “then we would call on Chertoff’s contingency plans.”

In a recent article the times reported that U.S. Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas, said the fact that the federal government has a contingency plan for border violence should be put in perspective. The federal government historically has had plans for any type of national emergency.

“As the violence in Mexico escalated last year, the Department of Homeland Security updated these plans to ensure that our federal law enforcement agencies are adequately prepared to meet any type of emergency that could arise should the violence in Mexico threaten the security of the United States,” Reyes said.

“The use of military forces would be a last resort because our federal law enforcement agencies are fully prepared to respond to most emergency scenarios, that is the whole purpose behind these contingency plans.”

Still, El Paso County Commissioner Dan Haggerty said the news that the U.S. has various levels of contingency plans to deal with the violence should be comforting to most El Pasoans.

“I think it is going to get worse in Mexico, and we as U.S. citizens need to be assured that Homeland Security or someone is going to protect us,” he said. “We must accept that we live in a city that has been labeled as a major drug-smuggling corridor and a place for illegal immigration.

“With that type of illegal activity comes the possibility that our safety is at risk.”

Estimates indicated in Iraq during the height of that bloody war there were never more than 10,000 hard core Al-Qaeda fighters in country. It is estimated that in the Americas there are already thousands of Al-Qaeda, and other Muslim extremist groups operating. In Mexico it is estimated that there could be tens of thousands of Mexican drug cartel members, enforcement gangs and other sympathizers. Iraq is a country of only 25 million people, Mexico is a country of well over 100 million people and it is in our back yard. It has taken over 350,000 American troops and thousands of troops of our allies and well over a trillion American dollars to combat and contain Iraq’s civil war. More people were killed violently in Mexico last year than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. It is time that America wakes up and faces the fact that a major civil war is taking place in Mexico and it is spilling over into the streets of America and will likely get much worse long before it gets better and is likely to kill even more Americans.

For Related articles click on or Google: “Michael Webster’s other writings.”


Editors Note:


Michael Webster’s Syndicated Investigative Reports are read worldwide, in 100 or more U.S. outlets and in at least 136 countries and territories. He has published articles for Maxims News, which is associated with and Globalvision News Network, global news and media information services with more than 350 news affiliates in 135 countries. Many of Mr. Webster’s articles are printed in six working languages: English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. With ten more languages planed in the near future.

Mr. Webster is America’s leading authority on Venture Capital/Equity Funding. A trustee on some of the nations largest trade Union funds. A noted Author, Lecturer, Educator, Emergency Manager, Counter-Terrorist, War on Drugs and War on Terrorist Specialist, Business Consultant, Newspaper Publisher. Radio News caster. Labor Law generalist, Teamster Union Business Agent, General Organizer, Union Rank and File Member Grievances Representative, NLRB Union Representative, Union Contract Negotiator, Workers Compensation Appeals Board Hearing Representative. Mr. Webster publishes the on-line newspaper the Laguna Journal and does investigative reports for print, electronic and on-line News Agencies.

michael Webster

Ep. 3 Blood Brothers, The Peacemaker L.A. Gang Wars Season 1

Episode 3, “Blood Brothers”
Synopsis: In Inglewood, the Inglewood Family and Queens Street Bloods have one thing in common–brothers from the same biological family. G-Luv from Queens Street and Squeak Ru from Inglewood Family have been on opposing sides since childhood. But even their family ties can’t bring these two gangs to peace. Recently, G-Luv’s friend Trent was shot and killed by one of his rivals from Inglewood Family.

Duration : 0:21:40

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The Children of Franco’s Orphanages

On the 1st of April 1939 the Spanish Civil War ended. During three years of warfare the elected Republican government had fought the forces of General Franco and the German and Italian units sent by Hitler and Mussolini to aid him. In the absence of help from Britain and France, the Republic had been forced to turn to the Soviet Union for aid, Stalin’s price being greatly enhanced power for the small Spanish Communist party. The Republic had been gradually beaten back into a smaller and smaller area, and after the fall of Catalonia it finally surrendered. There is a photograph of the Republic’s last leader, Julián Besteiro, broadcasting the surrender, grave faced, in a badly lit room. He died in one of Franco’s jails a year later. Franco’s forces entered the third of Spain still under Republican control, including Madrid.

The war had been ferocious, and had left innumerable orphaned children. Many adults had fallen on the battlefield, others had been victims of air raids or of the terror waged against civilian political opponents by both sides. Now, with Franco’s victory, the bloodshed did not cease. As victor, his policy was to “cleanse” Spain of remaining Republican activists; that meant the execution of thousands and the imprisonment, often in concentration camps, of thousands more. Children would come home to find their parents had been taken away by the police and they were left helpless and alone.

Spain in the 1940s was utterly impoverished. Much of the country’s infrastructure had been wrecked in the war, social dislocation was enormous, there were a succession of bad harvests and Franco’s administration was corrupt and chaotic.  Observers in Spanish cities reported the many children, often sick or crippled, hawking cigarettes and begging in the streets, or living rough in feral gangs.

The government’s response to the problem was to bring in the Spanish Catholic church, which historically held great power and had had a virtual monopoly of schools and orphanages. With the exception of the Basque country, the church throughout Spain had been entirely on the side of Franco’s rebels. In one way that is not surprising, for the Republican government had been strongly opposed to the historic power of the church and had turned a blind eye to many church burnings, while on the outbreak of the Civil War in 1936 there had been atrocities against priests and nuns on the Republican side. Even so, the unquestioning support given to Franco’s violent and vengeful regime not only during the Civil War but after his victory, cannot fail to disturb.

This is the background against which many Spanish children, both during and after the Civil War, were rounded up and sent to church orphanages. There is a photograph in Antony Beevor’s The Battle for Spain of a group of frightened looking Spanish children, the oldest no more than twelve, being trained to give the Fascist salute below a series of nightmarish posters of communistic ogres threatening helpless children.  The orphanages were determined to reverse any liberal, left-wing or irreligious ideas the children may have picked up from their parents, and indoctrination was intense. Children who had been given names like Ivan or Rousseau forced to take new ones.

It was a hard time and a harsh regime and no quarter was given to nonconformists of any kind, certainly not by a church determined the children in its care would draw up as good Catholics and good Francoists. Many, though not all, of the orphanages were brutal places.

Some of the older street children were doubtless smart enough to conform outwardly with the political and religious indoctrination for the sake of the limited food — outside, many in Spain were on the verge of starvation — and for a roof over their heads, no matter how spartan the orphanages. Some, especially perhaps those whose parents had been victims of red rather than blue terror, would have accepted faith in God and Franco. But for the many traumatised by the war and the loss of their parents, there would have been little if any comfort.

That first generation of children lost their parents between 1936, when the war began, and around 1941 when the Francoist “cleansing” had claimed most of its desired victims.  They would have left their orphanages later in the hard decade of the 1940s. Whatever the economic status of their parents before the war, and most would have been poor, their children would have been cast out with little skills into a poverty-stricken dictatorship; those with a Republican family background would have been known to the police and under particular pressure to conform.  Most would have done so, outwardly at least, for being a dissident in a ruthless police state, whether of left or right, takes more courage and obstinacy than people living comfortably in democracies can realise. 

Most would have survived to see life become a little less frugal in the sixties, and to witness the Francoist regime and its warped and archaic ideology vanish almost overnight after Franco’s death in 1975. Even so, many who had been in power under Franco remained in place in the early years of democratic Spain, and even now many older people are reluctant, or afraid, to discuss the past.  However, now that Spain has passed the Law of Historic Memory and acknowledged the cruelties done between 1936 and 1975, the sufferings of Franco’s orphans are at last being recognised and discussed.  I hope that may be some comfort to the elderly survivors of the Civil War years and of the años de hambre, the years of hunger, in the 1940s.

Copyright © 2009 C.J. Sansom, author of Winter in Madrid: A Novel

C.j. Sansom

Attractive Silicone Bracelets for Everyone


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Where to Get Affordable Leather Biker Chaps

Bikers have always brought a certain image to mind: creaking leather, faded tattoos, tough guys riding their hogs with their old ladies on the back….it’s become such a well known facet of society that you can’t go anywhere without seeing a gang or two making their way across the highway. But, as I am sure any hardened biker will tell you, that look doesn’t come cheap. Leather is one of the most expensive materials on the market, so if you are thinking of hopping on your Harley in a new set of chaps, you will want to know where to go to get them, without breaking the bank.

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So, check out these great wholesalers, and start saving today. You can use that extra money in your pocket to buy your old lady something pretty.

Gen Wright

A Gulf Worth Bridging a Revived Peace Initiative


A gulf worth bridging

A revived peace initiative will stumble unless Arab states recognise Israel and make rhetoric reality

The Guardian, Tuesday December 9 2008


Ron Prosor, the Israeli Ambassador in London wrote this article in The Guardian,

I, as a Palestinian, trying to defend his un realistic ideas, provided full text of his article and my reply to each paragraph in Italic Bold, which will show the point of views dialogue between the two parties of the Middle East conflict, inorder not to misled the public opinion, it is important to clarify the facification of the Israel’s Zionists: 


The Palestinian Authority recently took the unprecedented step of advertising the Arab Peace Initiative in Hebrew, in the Israeli press. Adverts also appeared throughout the international media, including this newspaper. Many Israelis welcomed it as a step in the right direction.


Yet before the world shouts “eureka”, it is important to realise that the Arab initiative cannot be seen as a “take it or leave it” offer. It cannot serve as a diktat, or replace the need for bilateral negotiations, on both the Palestinian and Syrian tracks. The plan is an interesting starting point for negotiations, but the international community should be under no illusions. Elements of the text are a cause for grave concern as regards the survivability of the state of Israel.


(When you are saying this it means that you did not read it, nor you have understood it, the initiative as to my personal knowledge, and as it was clearly described by President Husni Mubarak to the Israeli’s president: (If you gave the Palestinians all their wrights, and they accept if with satisfaction, then we all Arab Countries will recognize you, this means that if you don’t do so, you will be neglected and refused in the Area). This is a complete clear message towards accepting Israel in the Middle East, but to what limit is Israel is interested in its being existed and recognized, that was not shown by Israel until now).


The demand that Palestinians should be able to relocate to areas inside the borders of the state of Israel jeopardises Israel’s very existence. Most Israelis understand and support the creation of a future Palestinian state. It is difficult, however, to understand why Palestinians, having created a state of their own, would subsequently insist on sending their own people to the Jewish state. Instead of demographically undermining the state of Israel, surely Palestinians would be better able to help build their own nation within their own state.


(Why not Palestinians  located in their homes, you came to this Area to live but not to take over the Palestinians Properties, If Palestinians are located in their lands, they will not jeopardize your existence, then if your existence conflicts with their existence, you need to leave the area, until now, Israeli’s Zionists (the New Nazis),  until you are so bad with them, in addition, Israel’s up to the present moment not only Jeopardizes the Palestine state very existences, and prevented it, Israeli’s are killing the Palestinians for nothing with cold Nazi Zionist blood.  Why you still theft their home, giving it to other new immigrant Jews, who in the world could leave his properties to Israeli Jew? , for the other part, Surely, Palestinians can build their homeland better than the Jews, accordingly Israel‘s afraid from them and prevent them doing so!, instead of supporting them. )


Israel’s concern over the future of Jerusalem should also not be underestimated. From time immemorial, Jerusalem has been the eternal capital of the Jewish people, and will always remain so. Meanwhile, the final borders between Israel and a Palestinian state can only be determined bilaterally. The 1967 borders might provide a reference point for negotiations, but the demographic realities and security concerns of Israel’s population must be taken into account.


(The real fact is that the Palestinians concern over Jerusalem is more important than  those of the Israeli’s, 1967 borders might provide reference, but the UN resolution is more reality and Israel is not accepting it, thus Israel not only neglects the Palestinian’s existence but even its it’s existence)


Nevertheless, the revival of interest in the plan, first proposed by the Saudi king in 2002, met with interest in Israel. In contrast, the reception elsewhere in the Middle East ranged from sceptical to hostile. Several Arab papers refused to publish an advert with the Israeli flag. For many, the very notion of Israeli statehood, as represented by our national flag, is still taboo.


(Who is the mad person in the world, that could publish Israeli’s gangs and robber’s flag, and why to publish it, they don’t need you,  nor they need your flag they don’t need your money, because  you are hated by all the Arab world and the Moslem World, and the real Jewish World, the dilemma is clear and simple my friend,  make your behavior good, people will love you, make it worse, people will hate you.)


The Iranian embassy, in a letter to the Guardian, was desperate to clarify its abhorrence for any recognition of “the illegitimate and fabricated Israeli regime”. Iran’s objections should surprise no one. Tehran has long supported the most militant, most violent, least conciliatory elements within Arab populations, such as Hizbullah and Hamas. It is no coincidence the revival of interest in the Arab initiative comes at a time of increased Arab fears about the aggressive policies of the Iranian regime, its extreme ideology and nuclear ambitions.


( Who is the mad person in the world do not clarify and recognizes the “the illegitimate and fabricated Israeli regime”, in addition why not Iran support Palestinians!,  why not Tehran to support Hizbullah and Hamas the harmed party in the conflict, the USA and UK are supporting the Israel’s, the aggressive party, the most criminal party in the history, even more they provide protection and weapons to Israel which are used to kill the Palestinians,  I think You need to look for the issue in your two eyes.!, in addition why not Tehran should have extreme ideology, and nuclear ambition, Israel’s already have it, please acknowledge,  in addition, Palestinians must have a nuclear or chemical ambition and extreme ideology.! )


The world must encourage the responsible leadership of the Arab world, which in turn should promote a new spirit of pragmatism and enlightened self-interest among their peoples. In a recent speech in Abu Dhabi, David Miliband pointed out that “Arab states can rein in the power of those groups which would seek to torpedo the process”. He also argued that “the Palestinians simply do not have enough on their own to offer the Israelis to clinch a deal”. Both Israel and the Palestinians will require a broad umbrella of regional support as they negotiate a settlement.


(Palestinians gave too much more, but the New Nazis Israeli’s did not give any).


The Saudis, Kuwaitis and other Gulf states could do more to encourage the Palestinians towards compromise. Instead of perpetuating unattainable fantasies that have long held back the Palestinian cause, they should help their Palestinian brethren set realistic, attainable goals. The international community should persuade the oil-rich Gulf countries to make more effective use of surplus revenues. One of the ironies blighting the Palestinians is that they receive far more support from the EU than from their supposedly concerned Arab brothers and sisters. Saudi Arabia has proved better at pledging than paying.


(Also the Israeli’s has to pay more for the Palestinians instead of paying more for the settlers of Palestinian’s  homes and lands, and paying more for importing Flasha’s, Russian’s and others to live in Palestinians lands and homes.)


Elsewhere in the Gulf, while flamboyant firework displays light up the skies above luxury resorts, precious little is done to prevent the rockets fired from Gaza. While petrol dollars boost the budget at Manchester City, it is time to spend more on the infrastructure of Ramallah than the wages of Robinho.


(Why to prevent the rockets from Gaza, to keep the thief’s of Palestinian’s lands, homes and tree in safe..! No mad person could accept it, in addition Israel is who must rebuild all the Infra structure in Palestinian Territories, it destroyed it.. and must build it)


The Arab initiative envisages peace between Israel and all 22 states of the Arab League, from Mauritania to Oman. To move that vision from rhetoric to reality, the wealthier Arab states must do more, politically, diplomatically and economically, to steer their less fortunate counterparts towards the path of moderation and progress.


(IF they do what you saying, but the Israeli’s giving Palestinians’ nothing, ..What Is the use..! Palestinians are moderated to progress, while the Israeli’s stocked in their places..!)


For too long the Middle East has been crippled, as Arab populations have been force-fed the lie that Israel’s destruction is both desirable and imminent. Today, as Iran continues to inject these poisonous concepts into the body of the region, the Middle East must abandon the mindset of the 1967 Khartoum conference and its infamous three noes.


(You are cheating your self, and lying on your self, It real that Israel destruction is both desirable and imminent…, do you feel that the Israeli’s crimes, ..can change this fact).


For the 21st century, three realities must instead be acknowledged: Israel exists, Israel belongs, and recognising Israel would be to the benefit of every Arab society. Everyone in the region with the ability to promote this understanding must be urged to do so.


(This is a lie, nobody in the world can acknowledge these three realities, who can acknowledge the reality of a theft, already might be existed, but nobody will accept it, accordingly, it (Israel) did not belong, in addition, recognizing a thief in the Arab tradition and culture is a shameful (as it is the case of all nations), and your people still recognized as thief’s. Furthermore, the clear truth is that if the Palestinian state is there exist, and Palestinians have given their rights, even the minimum acceptable part of it, both people, Palestinians and the New Israeli’s can work together for prosper, but the Israeli’s are so mad to the extent that they give nothing, don’t give any rights, which will increasingly speed the time of its demolishing. In addition to that, the existence of Israel is not accepted by any Arab society due to their sever crimes. You the Israeli’s have to proof that in practice no just say, and to proof it in good behavior and conduct, Israel has given more than 60 years until now, but unfortunately Israel provides and proved only the aggression and theft fact, for any Israeli  family personally might be living on my land or in my own house, which makes all your proposals not real and accordingly not accepted until you leave my land and home, then you may claims what you are saying  and this is the contents of Arab Peace Initiative for the Middle East).




 • Ron Prosor is the Israeli ambassador in London,


 • Wasfi M. Abdo, Palestinian Jordanian,

Wasfi Abdo

Hard Time – Prison Gangs

Hard Time: TUESDAYS at 10p et/pt : In prison, every day is a fight for survival. An inmate’s most important weapon might not be a shank, but a gang membership.

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Living in the Age of the Internet Gangster, Part One of Three: Following a Basic Business Model

Welcome to the age of the Internet gangster. Gone are the days when young computer nerds sat alone in their rooms figuring out how to break in to their schools’ computer systems to change grades. Also fading into nostalgia are the times when hackers teamed up with small-time hoods to pull off credit-card scams that victimized local banks.

The days of spammers, phishers, and identity thieves, the typical culprits of today’s online crime stories, are upon us. These criminals have created their own syndicates to invade your computers and crack your company’s network security.

Over the past several years, Internet security firms have discovered strong connections to gangs in Eastern Europe that have worldwide reach and operate with seeming impunity. Today’s Internet criminals have extended the turf of what law-enforcement agencies have traditionally called the Mafia. These Internet bad guys have adapted to new modes of crime, turning from numbers and narcotics rackets in the mid-20th century to Internet identity theft and denial-of-service (DOS) attacks.

Today’s Internet hooligans follow a basic business model, according to Andrew Jaquith, senior analyst at the Yankee Group. While the size of the criminal organization might vary, the basic network-crime process involves four levels of expertise.

It starts with (1.) vulnerability checkers. These computer engineers look for entries into corporate networks. Once an opening is located, specialists create custom-written software to maximize the vulnerability. Then (2.) other specialists get into the act to use the compromised systems as a base to locate other vulnerable computers. As a collection of compromised computer systems is established, (3.) other programmers write software to place all the compromised computers under the control of (4.) a master cybercriminal, the fourth actor in the chain.

The result of this strategy is what computer security experts identify as a drastic upsurge in the intensity and caliber of network attacks. Internet crime lords passed a watershed of sorts one year ago, Jaquith said. “It was at that point that viruses, Trojans, and spam started to be linked with monetary payouts,” he said.

Before last year, spam, adware, and spyware antics were relatively innocuous, being little more than an inconvenience to computer users. “But 12 to 18 months ago, the folks that did these things realized that they could generate e-mail spam and martial denial-of-service bots for extortion purposes,” he said.

The term “botnet” is slang for a network of remotely controlled computers that carry out instructions from one or more hackers. The newest viruses circulating on the Internet are able to scan a potential host computer for vulnerabilities, then take over that computer and adapt to its environment, propagating itself by connecting through the Internet to other potential hosts. The more compromised computers there are linked together, the more valuable the botnet becomes.

Given the existence of botnets that consist of thousands of personal and enterprise computers, many Internet security experts are convinced that Internet criminals are developing their own hierarchy, from traditional street runners or soldiers to a cadre of crime captains who report to higher-up dons.

“We hear that botnets are rentable by the hour now,” said Jaquith, who pointed out that botnets have become hot commodities for Internet crime families. “That phenomenon is certainly real,” he said.

To protect yourself, you need an Internet security team of experts making sure that you, your family, and your business computer are always safe and secure. The best protection you can have in today’s rapidly changing world of cyber-attacks is to have expert support for all your Internet security needs that will provide technical support without any hassles and without charging you extra fees. It will become even more critical than it is today as time goes on. You need to find your own personal team of experts to rely on. If you ever have a security problem, you will want to have a trusted expert you can call for professional help, without any hassles and extra costs!

Because cybercriminals are becoming smarter and more sophisticated in their operations, they are real threats to your personal security and privacy. Your money, your computer, your family, and your business are all at risk. These cybercriminals leave you with three choices:

(1) Do nothing and hope their attacks, risks, and threats don’t occur on your computer.

(2) Do research and get training to protect yourself, your family, and your business.

(3) Get professional help to lockdown your system from all their attacks, risks, and threats.

Remember: When you say “No!” to hackers and spyware, everyone wins! When you don’t, we all lose!

Etienne A. Gibbs, MSW

A City With Spirit and Pride

Originally a Saxon fishing village, Portsmouth developed into a military garrison town and then into the home of one of the most powerful sea borne fighting forces in history.

Portsmouth is a city on the sea packed with things to do. Enjoy an irresistible mix of history and heritage, specialist shopping, lively arts, great restaurants and bars and a programme of year round events.

From the harbour to the beach Portsmouth has more and more to offer each year.

With miles of waterfront, centuries of history and stunning attractions, come and enjoy Portsmouth, its a breath of fresh air.

The newest attraction is the Spinnaker Tower. Experience the stunning views from this unique tower, a visible landmark has already changed the skyline forever.

The Historic Dockyard is one of the top ten heritage attractions in the UK and a great day out for all the family. Home to the world famous historic ships, Mary Rose, HMS Victory, HMS Warrior 1860 and the stunning interactive attraction Action Stations.

The waterfront extends for miles through Old Portsmouth and along Southseas Victorian seafront. Stunning views across the Solent, space to relax, time to wander, Portsmouth brings it all to the waters edge.

Home of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth is a city with spirit and pride.

It is a city steeped in history with an impressive cast of characters from maritime heroes to literary giants.

There are no less than twelve museums where you can find out more about Portsmouths story and the people that have helped to write it, including Sir Admiral Lord Nelson, Charles Dickens and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Visit the Historic Dockyard, Charles Dickens Birthplace now preserved as a museum, or why not try a taste of the worlds greatest Sherlock Holmes exhibition on show at the City Museum from the 22nd of June 2007.

In the narrow lanes and cobbled streets of Old Portsmouth see where convicts and heroes left England for the last time. Explore the Square and the Round Towers and discover fortifications ordered by Henry V to ward off invaders, you may hear the echoes of sad farewells and heroic returns. This is after all the most haunted city on the south coast and was recently featured on TVs Most Haunted.

For a taste of history enjoy the pubs of Spice Island where once press gangs lined up new recruits. Enjoy lunch right on the waterside and watch the world float by, pick up dinner at the fish market on the Camber or head indoors to a cosy tea room.

Douglas Scott