Riding a Motorcycle is Free

One thing that can be said about motorcycles: they’re certainly not for the weak-hearted. A motorcycle is all about speed, space, and freedom. You just don’t get that from cars. Of course, we’re not going to launch a debate here on which is the better set of wheels here, but right now I love my bike. Last year I traded my SUV for a Duccati. The closest I can describe it is that it’s like walking on water. Okay, I haven’t exactly walked on water before, but that’s what I imagine it to be.

There’s this film I watched a few months back called The Motorcycle Diaries. It’s about the journey of Ernesto “Che” Guevara and Alberto Granado in Latin America), and quite appropriately, it’s on a motorcycle, a 1939 Norton 500, they chose to make that road trip. I’m thinking what better way is there to travel and explore the world than with a motorcycle.

And then there’s Easy Rider too, the 1969 classic–again with the lead actors riding their motorcycles, this time, Harley Davidsons. They’re in search of America, much like the bikers in The Motorcycle Diaries were in search of their Latin origins. What strikes me about these two films is that I can’t imagine them riding any other vehicle but a bike. Your hair blowing in the wind, the G’s tugging firm at your face, the landscapes zooming around you as it changes right under your feet, the engine growling according to your wrist. Imagine if they had done their road trip in a truck.

When I see films like these with heroes riding easy on motorcycles, I can’t help but feel proud because I share kinship with them. Now, I know what it feels like. A miracle.

I say it’s time that we change our views about people and their bikes. Drugs, rebellion, drifting, crime. It’s just not fair because bikers actually stand for everything that is Freedom. Our detractors might say, get a grip on yourselves. But what’s the point?

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  1. vishnu1023 says:

    Is there a free motorcycle riding class that I could take provided by the state government?
    Will they give me a permit at the end? Do I need to take the written test after?

  2. JetDoc says:

    Why would ANY state government want to give YOU a free motorcycle training class? Are you something special that you should get for free what everyone else has to pay for?
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  3. my_ducati996 says:

    Motorcycle classes aren’t free because they’re not mandatory. You can get a license without the class, you just have to practice on your own before the license test at the DMV. I never took any class to learn to ride a motorcycle, I just bought it, got on it, and practiced around my neighborhood streets. But if you do pay and sign up for a motorcycle class, you will get your license in the end not a permit.
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  4. Craig x says:

    dont listen to these retards… if ur under 16 you can get a free motorcycle riders course to get ur license
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  5. Balding HD Rider says:

    Maybe these guys can help you:

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  6. Indigo says:

    Check your DMV, but it’s unlikely to be free. The license is going to cost no matter what.
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  7. wyomingrider says:

    There are a couple of states that offer the MSF class free. I am thinking Pennsylvania is one.

    In Wyoming the class costs $15 (almost free in my opinion). Bikes are supplied by the way.

    If you pass the MSF class here in Wyoming, you do not have to take a motorcycle road test.

    But you are required to pass a motorcycle written test (very easy) AND the auto written test (also easy if you bothered to read the little book).

    The reason motorcyclists must also take the auto written test is because that test contains the rules of the road.

    Generally you take the written tests, then take the MSF class. Upon satisfactory completion of these tests and the MSF class, you are issued either a permit (ages 15-17) or a motorcycle licence (or endorsement) (18 & up).
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  8. slimcolo says:

    No but i remember about 15 years ago the state (CO) added $2 to each motorcycle registration to fund just that. Still the cheapest classes here cost around $180, and are subsidized by state. (same class in WY is $45)
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  9. wayward_son_1972 says:

    There’s an old biker saying that covers it:

    "Ass, grass, or gas. No one rides for free."
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  10. Mark B says:

    It depends on the state. Illinois offers free rider training through the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. You can check for you state here: http://www.msf-usa.org
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