Operation Repo: Froy Attacked by Bikers

Operation Repo, Froy try to reposession a Motor but…. he doesn’t expect this

Duration : 0:7:46

[youtube gg3aEV3CJdQ]


  1. FastRoperN4 says:

    yo check it my guy …
    yo check it my guy is dumb the bikers had 1% patches on what was he thinking

  2. krisluevanos49 says:

    Estos estupidos no …
    Estos estupidos no valen verga se aprovechan por que solo es uno

  3. COWGIRLBABY19841 says:

    Remember the next …
    Remember the next time you think a girl’s or woman’s place is in the kitchen keep in mind that’s where all the knives are.

  4. grandote505 says:

    No mames se …
    No mames se pasaronde de dick un pinche grupo con uno thats bullshitt

  5. BestRapperAlive241 says:


  6. 4600Rambo says:

    I wish the girl …
    I wish the girl knew her place…. in the KITCHEN!

  7. Nitsuga237 says:

    i have nothing …
    i have nothing against women…but she is really stupid sometimes doin repos…thats a mens job LINDA

  8. panhead486 says:

    To the welchbiker. …
    To the welchbiker. The Vagos are very much a real club. They are a 1% club they just choose to wear a one piece patch. They have been around for a lot of years, since 1965. They are a small club they have about 600 or so members. If you check out youtube you’ll see they have had conflicts with the Angels and others. But they are a real 1% club.

  9. bknthday says:

    Stupid fucker! He …
    Stupid fucker! He should have left when the biker said no. He learned!

  10. fiddlermike says:

    Love it. I could …
    Love it. I could watch that arrogant get knocked down again and again.

  11. julioraygoza2876 says:

    Pasenlo completo el …
    Pasenlo completo el video plz

  12. TheWelshbiker says:

    i dont think it’s …
    i dont think it’s the real Mc as they dont have a top rocker

  13. lordpoee says:

    Vagos … 2:04
    Vagos … 2:04

  14. tradingpapa says:

    join true riders …
    join true riders united search google we dont care what you ride

  15. Knifehole says:

    It would have been …
    It would have been cool if he got his head blown off… There would have been some pink mist if no cameras were around.. Who goes up to bikers at night saying” give me that bike”… Dumb fcuk.

  16. RTStrongDog says:

    I hate it when …
    I hate it when people don’t pay their bills. You have a pair of b***s dude to go and approach a group like that. I’ve never liked it when I was sucker punched. It came out of no where. Glad you are okay.

  17. jamieyall says:

    god I wish one of …
    god I wish one of them would run over and punch the crying chick

  18. alanbstard4 says:

    the guy owed money …
    the guy owed money and he had no right to assault the repo guy

  19. katamishi says:

    Try it yourself, …
    Try it yourself, post a video of getting beat up. good luck, peace out.

  20. alanbstard4 says:

    horse shit
    horse shit

  21. alanbstard4 says:

    No the repo man …
    No the repo man would be representing the bike shop if that was the case. The repo guy was doing his job

  22. frenchie1550 says:

    its the bolt head …
    its the bolt head need to get fix he think he to big but care full man always biger then you some where , the one get beat he whil think next time befort to do someting like that ahahahahahahahahah stupid .

  23. az0970449 says:


  24. TRUMPHMAN says:

    First of all this …
    First of all this is a bike shop, the biker he was talking to was the owner of the shop not the bike, the owner of the bike owed the shop owner $6000.00 if the dumbass repoman took the bike the shop owner was out six grand. It’s hard enough collecting on that debt with the bike in the shop let alone if they would have taking it he would have had slim to none chances with out the bike, the deadbeat bike owner didn’t pay his bike loan and the finance company dosn’t have to pay the shop owner.