Bikers on Freeway (Memorial Day ’12) : Dallas Sheriff’s Dashcam Video

Video released by Dallas Sheriff’s Office shows stunt bikers harassing deputy on I-35 Stemmons.

Duration : 0:5:22

[youtube L_bFKtx42AM]


  1. duff8402 says:

    Probably a camera
    Probably a camera

  2. weathercaster says:

    Cops better wake up …
    Cops better wake up, or else behavior like that will make their job a much more dangerous one when people begin getting fed up and start treating them with the same respect they treat us.

  3. CautionCU says:

    You’ll never catch …
    You’ll never catch me coppers!

  4. Baggusamongus says:

     I am not “tough” …
     I am not “tough” at all & I loathe guns.The way I feel about cops is unfortunate and sad. I don’t like feeling the way I do, My opinion is based on the type of behavior exhibited in the video that goes with this one: “Biker alleges Dallas Sheriff Deputy made…”. Search for it. I have witnessed that 1st hand & more than a dozen times. I was not on the recieving end of it..just a 3rd party observer watching injustice unfold before my very eyes. Unfortunately, the Judicial System is no better.

  5. sourcemaster says:

    They were doing …
    They were doing stunts on the highway, and obstructing traffic. Once you see the mass of bikers pass by, you see a large block of traffic proceeding slowly. And no real American cares about what a eurocunt thinks, so shame on you for thinking that. By the way, I’m one of those who do this kind of stuff so I know what I’m talking about and I admit I’m a asshole.

  6. jzboyz says:

    NOT A SQUID !! …

    Thumbs up!

  7. jzboyz says:


  8. jzboyz says:


  9. jzboyz says:

    Im going to start …
    Im going to start doing the same thing. I didnt come foward like this guy did, but I got pulled over for no reason by Dallas Sheriff, first because I was in the ride, then for the same thing as the other guy, not having a visale plate. But the I took out my camera and took pictures. After the gang unit showed up and about an hour later me and other 4 bikers where let free with no ticket. YEA THE POLICE !!

  10. jzboyz says:

    Yup, but let all …
    Yup, but let all the other criminals be free…?? You are saying we are worst than people that robb, rape, and kill…. ?!

  11. jzboyz says:

    Thats how we do it …
    Thats how we do it here !! the police. One of my good friends is a COP, he’ll be drinking out in public and just like me (when the PIGS are driving by) say “FUCK THE POLICE” They cant do !!

  12. jzboyz says:

    Honestly I dont …
    Honestly I dont think he is a squid. Squids would do this kind of shit. The real squids lets the ride after the second PIG showed up.

  13. thefoxbox2 says:

    Yep, which explains …
    Yep, which explains why this country has way too many needless laws that restrict our freedom :)

  14. thefoxbox2 says:

    It’s just worse …
    It’s just worse since there are literally dozens together… that’s a shitload of bikers and one of an impression. And I know bikers that aren’t dicks but this doesn’t bode well for bikers anywhere.

  15. Sneakylittlechild says:

    true…buts its …
    true…buts its always the few that ruin it for the many

  16. Sneakylittlechild says:

    guilt by …
    guilt by association…? really? the guy was riding his bike and the cop pulls him over for nothing…only because he wanted the video. he wasn’t breaking the law and didn’t have a reasonable cause to pull him over….and then makes up that he was obstructing his license plate and arrests him…if the cop really wanted that video he needs to get a warrant. I see no guilt with association here

  17. STAGEIIGN says:

    u must be a stunt …
    u must be a stunt bike fag

  18. STAGEIIGN says:

    yea but ur be the …
    yea but ur be the first to call the police when you need them.

    you sound really tough! can you explain to the world how you got so tough? we would all like to know cause ur a badass!

  19. STAGEIIGN says:

    another keyboard …
    another keyboard tough guy

  20. killermrcool1745 says:

    Fuck the police
    the police

  21. acrucialdood says:

    nah, it is. that’s …
    nah, it is. that’s just something stinky feminazis tell themselves to feel better.

  22. acrucialdood says:

    ok player
    ok player

  23. Baggusamongus says:

    I love it. pay back …
    I love it. pay back time for all the DICKHEAD copsin Ameria. I SMILE everytime i hear a cop was KILLED either in the line of duty or not. And, when I hear a news story of an OFFICER SHOT, i always PRAY he is/was KILLED as a result…regardless of the circumstances. The only good cop is a DEAD cop. And, I am a law abiding citizen & despise guns

  24. todkapuz says:

    the biker who was …
    the biker who was playing cat and mouse with the cop better be lucky the cop was being cautious… that could have turned into a dead biker very quickly, and I’d be hard pressed to see a jury say anything against the cop. Behavior like this gives all sportbike riders a bad image. It is downright sad.

  25. lifehackertips says:

    3:10 are they …
    3:10 are they passing drugs? in front of the camera? Wow stupid bikers. 3:50 bikers going wrong way on the highway WTF