10 Things to Do and 10 Places to Go to for Healthy Living in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a port and transportation center located at the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. The city is blessed with skyscrapers and other sceneries. Renowned for the world’s tallest buildings, it is certainly a good place to hang out. By just traveling around, you may get involved in some sports activities of your choice.

1. North Avenue Beach. If you think this beach was made to give you your swimming pleasures, this place is more than that. It has an outdoor gym where you could stretch and keep those muscles fit. Biking and in-line skates are also allowed in the area. Volleyball may also be played. With this variety of options, you could find a health activity you will dwell on.

2. Bike Chicago. This bike rental stall has several locations found in Chicago. If you want to tour the place, they have the so-called touring bikes. If you want to climb uphill and you think walking would be too tiresome, mountain bikes are offered as well. They also have various gears that will make your ride around town comfortable and easy.

3. The Green at Grant Park. By the name itself, you could conclude that this is a golf club. Yes, The Green at Grant Park is a typical 18-hole golf course which could help you enhance your putting capabilities. This may not sound ideal for competitions but it is far better than miniature golf.

4. McCormick-Tribune Ice Rink. Conveniently located at the Millennium Park, this rink will give you a different kind of skating experience. The view of the lake as well as the grandest skyscrapers in the city will make your playing time a more ideal one. It is just like hitting two birds with a stone by being healthy as well as enjoying the sceneries.

5. Lincoln Park to Oak Street Beach. This is considered as the best route to take for in-line skating. You may also take your bikes along with you and join a group of avid bikers. Be extra careful though especially that there are tendencies that skaters and cyclists may clash.

6. Belmont Harbor. This is known to be an ideal place for sailing the city of Chicago. The view is definitely enticing while the sport will help you enhance your skills. It may sound better if you know how to sail your own boat but if you want to feel relaxed, you may ask someone to do it for you.

7. Ohio Street Beach. Though there are 30 indoor pools found along the Chicago Park District, a better alternative for swimming could be found from the stretch on Ohio Street Beach going northwest to the Navy Pier.

8. Windward Sports. Windsurfing in Chicago is also a pleasant health option. While enjoying the breeze, you could surf with the waves of the famous Lake Michigan.

9. Chicago River Canoe and Kayak. Kayaking in Chicago is always a good alternative to start a healthy living. You may have a team with you and you will certainly enjoy several forms of kayaking from cardio kayak to paddling under the moon.

10. Adler Planetarium. This is an educational location which could help you exercise your mind and your eyes as well. Exploring scientific inventions could be a healthy option for everyone. Walking is a good form of exercise as well.

John C. Arkin


  1. Anna L says:

    How's this story so far? any tips?
    I’m planning on making it a book but… I don’t know if It’s good enough. I’m sticking with the dog’s everything but you can suggest names for the people or compliment :D thanks any tips on what the next chapter should be (this is actually not a finnished chapter but it will be then next chapter, I need a place to stop) thanks :D

    She walked down the road, wondering why in the world she even bothers going to school. She’d thought of a lot of reasons to go to school and a lot of reasons not to.
    I can get a good job, She’d thought one day, if I go to school.
    But I can just start a business doing what I want if I don’t go to school. She’d countered herself.
    She always dragged during school nowadays. She was sixteen, had a lot of friends here, and looked good and healthy, but one day that all turned upside-down.
    “You’ll love it in downtown Chicago.” She’d heard her father say to her mother.
    “What about Lee? She’s going to have to start all over again. You know how hard it is for new teens to get into a group at this age. Marli won’t cope too well. You know that.” Her mother had said back.
    “What are you talking about?” Marli had asked her parents after hearing her name.
    “Nothing swee-” her mother started, looking up from her bowl of oatmeal.
    Marli’s father had cut her off sharply “We’re thinking about moving to Chicago, Lee. What do you say?” He picked up the local Newspaper when Marli hesitated and read “Business Boom in Chicago, Chicago students start riot on Main Street to allow junk food machines in Harkin’s High School… Chicago…” he flips the pages quicker now “Chicago, Chicago, Chicago…” He stops and looks at his wife, then at his daughter
    “It’s all over the News; you’ll practically be famous… Thing is… I got fired two days ago sweetie and I need to find a job. That’s why I read ‘Large Business Boom in Chicago.’ I’m sorry but I need to find somewhere that I can get a job.” Her father looked sympathetically at her.
    “Jonathon…’ Her mother started
    “I’m sorry Tory but it’s a must right now, you know that. I’m not thinking of myself at all. I’m thinking of what will happen to you guys if I don’t maintain a paycheck.”
    It had been silent for about 10 minutes that morning when all of a sudden Marli’s father read the Business Boom article.
    “Large Business Boom In Chicago: With over 20 new businesses opening downtown at once, options for jobs are high. Reporters, vets, haircutters, accountants, doctors, those are all some of the new job openings. Swimming instructors, dog handlers, cashiers, business partners, club bar-tenders…” He stopped reading for that morning and the rest of the morning had been silent as death.

    Now as she walked down the road to catch her ride to school she thought it over. Fame… Friends, shopping, and downtown jobs… It was everything a teenage girl could ask for. She’d made up her mind. She’d go to Chicago with her parents and get a good job downtown. She’d be friends with the popular Chicago-ins. She’d brag about her new friends and clothes… Or would she be put out of the groups and kicked out of the school, un-liked on the streets of Chicago? She lived in Illinois State, but she was a suburb girl, a farmer girl… Not a big downtown street stripper or anything. She’d never even think about selling her body like that. She’d been downtown once and she wasn’t a big fan. In the year of 2018 Chicago was practically as big as New York was about 5 years ago.
    Just then her ride pulled up. A nice little yellow 2012 mustang car, not new but it was something. Had a great engine, nice mufflers, it had pretty sweet tires, too. Her friend had thought about spinners, but she’d, thankfully, talked her out of that idea.
    “Hop in Lee…” Taylor said. Taylor was a year older than Marli, and the two girls had been best friends since Marli was only five.
    Marli opened the back door; Jaz was in the front already. He always took the passenger seat. He was hardly ever sick or missed the ride. Jaz was a good guy, not anything Marli liked in looks but he was a sweet guy. His full name was Jasper Altin Ziplane. His initials were J.A.Z and his first name was commonly shortened to Jaz, so he became Jaz JAZ to his friends and family. He even signed up with his name Jaz J.A.Z on contests, when he was called down to the office he was called, Jaz and everyone knew who it was.
    Taylor secretly liked Jaz. But she thought that he liked Marli better than her, which wasn’t the case at all.
    “Hey guys,” Marli started as she climbed into the crowded five seater, already eight people crammed in “, how’s it going?” She laughed as her foot got caught on her friend, Jaron’s, jean pocket. He laughed too as he pulled her foot out.
    “We’re a mess!” Jaron yelled over the 80’s music playing at full volume in the crowded little car. He chuckled as Marli tried to squeeze between him and Karen and decided it’d be easier to sit on Jaron’s lap instead.
    They started the long fifty minute drive to school. It was
    They started the long fifty minute drive to school. It was only 4:00 when Marli got up every morning; she went to bed usually at 6:30 right after dinner and did homework right away and during her free periods. This was the best part of the day, the morning ride to school. Usually only 6 people rode in the car but now that Karen’s cousin, Tykin, was living with her for a year or two it was up to seven and then a new kid, Mat, that arrived only two months ago.
    Marli loved her group of friends and never wanted to leave them. She hadn’t even told them what discussion had occurred three days ago. She was going to explain it all today before school. She was afraid but excited at the same time, to be somewhere new. She’d never moved even once in her life and wanted to see what it was like, but at the same time wanted to keep it that way.
    The ride today seemed longer. More like an hour and a half instead of just ten minutes less than an hour.
    It might be because of the strange silence between them today until about halfway through the drive when Jaron piped up.
    “Hey Marli, you get new jeans?” it was a simple way to start a conversation and it even morphed into a conversation of cartoons and eventually comics.
    “I’m just borrowing these actually, from Karen. Can you believe it? We’re the same size!” Marli laughed looking at her tiny waist and comparing it to Karen’s more filled out waist line.
    “No way! Ommagosh!” Jaz said, trying to sound like a girl. They all cracked up. Jaz was a gag. He knew how to make people laugh. He could make a joke out of a penny hitting a windshield on a Friday morning at nine o’ clock.
    “Hey! That’s my phone! Give it back!” Mat barked as Karen took a small device out of his hand.
    “You’re watching Loony Toons?” Karen giggled.
    “Yeah, so what!” Mat grumbled, just loud enough for them to hear.
    “Look his legs don’t even touch the ground before he runs. How stupid!” Tykin said, looking over Karen’s shoulder. “Look. He jumps, his legs shuffle in the air and then he zooms off touching the ground, like, twenty minutes later. That’s dumb. Comics make more sense than that!” Tykin grumbled.
    Their voices swarmed into conversation as Spider Man, Super Man, Charlie Brown, and Peaches all came into play. They talked about Family Circus, and other funnies in the Newspaper. The guys chuckled about making a comic all about “hot girls, tanning in bikinis.” While the girls talked about making a comic about “Male strippers at McDonald’s with full body swim suits under their clothes being afraid to show anything, they suits even cover their arms.”
    They argued and laughed, and choked and whispered about all the funny combinations; Charlie Man, Super Brown, Family Peaches, Spider Circus, and more. Until they finally pulled into the school parking lot and found the nearest parking spot to the door, taking up 5 of their 20 minutes before school started.
    She was going to tell them. Marli had to open her mouth and let the News spill out into her friends waiting ears. She had to, she must, she couldn’t leave them in the dark. “Guys…” she said without thinking.
    “Yeah?” Jaron, Jaz, Karen, Taylor, Tykin, Jolie (another of her friends who rode with them), and Mat all said at the same time.
    “Um… well… You see…” She stumbled, looking for the right way to say it. “I’m moving to Chicago City in a month…” She let it spill out, just like that.
    “What!” Jaron freaked, “You can’t! You… I mean… You can’t leave us!” he shouted.
    Don’t freak! I’ll visit, you’ll visit, I’ll keep in touch. We’ll text and e-mail and call each-other okay? It’s not my fault. My dad got fired like 5 days ago. I waited to tell you so I had all the information correct. Sorry…” She couldn’t stop talking, she wanted to patch up what she said and bury it, bury it deep in the woods somewhere.
    “But what… Never mind, we should live while we can then. Make the best of your last month here. The only one this will really hurt is you. You’ll be the one making new friends… Not us. We will miss you though… A lot…” Taylor said, trying not to make it sound rude, but the words felt like a knife to her; sharp and fast, harsh and deadly.
    “Thanks Taylor.” Marli said. It sounded like she really meant it. “I’ll still keep in touch with you guys.” She directed her gaze to Jaron looking in his eyes for a moment and then lowering her head. They walked through the door to the commons area. They had about 15 minutes left of “free time".
    “So uh… What do ya wanna do? Marli?” Jaron asked as they walked to their lockers and the others walked down the other hall. Jaron and her were the only ones on this hall and they were right next to each other.
    “I don’t really know Jay.” Marli said, wondering what she’s going to be like in Chicago.
    “Oh, Okay. At least there’s still a dance before you leave. Remember, the dance this Friday?” He said, almost asking her to it.
    “Yeah, I don’t know if I’m gonna go. Not like anyone’s going to ask me, of all people.” She slumped.
    Jaron looked at her as they opened their lockers, trying to think of something to say. Maybe ask her to the dance. But he was unsure of how she’d react. What if he was just a pest to her?
    “Well I would…” He said quietly, sure that she had heard. “And I am…” He finished.
    Marli was silent. Shocked. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. She’d been waiting for this moment, but was never actually ready, just scared.
    She brushed her Brown, shoulder length hair behind her ear and looked at Jaron’s green eyes.
    “Okay.” She managed to say. “I’ll go with you.” She said, forcing a smile and holding in the urge to just hug him. She brushed his dirty-blonde, slightly curly hair, forward getting some sort of fuzzy off of it saying “Why can’t the cute ones clean up?”
    “Really? You don’t think I’m ugly or annoying?” He questioned, scratching his head, she’d tickled it when she touched it.
    “What? No! Of course not! I think you’re the most… The most handsome man in the state!” She said, no longer able to keep herself from hugging him.
    He hugged her back and smiled when they pulled away.
    “What?” she asked skeptically.
    “Oh nothing…” He said. “Do you always carry fifty dollars with you?” He asked waving a wad of money in his hand.
    “Hey! You just wanted to scam me!” She yelled, drawing no attention in the student filled hallway.
    “No, no I’m just messin’ here.” He said giving the money back and hugging her again.
    She pulled away and started to trudge off when he grabbed her arm and walked around to face her. She stuck her nose in the air and avoided eye contact for only a short moment. Then they both fell apart laughing and running around the school like kids, taking pencils and notebooks, money and pens, from each other.
    Finally the bell rang and she said goodbye to him. He put his arm on her shoulder and walked away as she turned. She went to calculus as he went to his Mechanics class.
    She didn’t pay attention to her teacher as he lectured something about square rooting some sort of equation. She wondered what job her dad was thinking about getting, and if her Akita Inu, Champ, could live in the Condo with them or if they’d have to get rid of him.
    Champ was a beautiful Akita. He was brindle with bright blue eyes and pretty black nails.
    He wore is black collar with green flame print high on his muscled neck. It would kill her to get rid of him. She got him only 3 years ago as a purebred puppy. He was even a stud for 2 years, but was fixed after studding with a yellow Labrador and collie cross without being assigned.
    He’d gotten away one day and mated with a mutt dog. She was a cute little “collie-dor” but she had a litter of 15 puppies and 4 of them died during birth. The owners made them take the puppies after they were done suckling, and started eating soft puppy chow. That wasn’t very fun for them until they were all bought except one, the one they ended up keeping. She was also brindle, worth more than the other pups but she had been born a runt and wasn’t very healthy until she was a year old. They named her Peanut Brittle but called her P.B. for short.
    Just then her teacher asked her a question, the only part she heard was “Marli….Answer to…Marli?”
    “What? I mean, I didn’t hear the question sorry, I was… occupied. What was it?” Marli asked.
    “Look at the board. Do you see that circle at the top?” He asked. Where was he going with this?
    “Yeah… what about it?” She questioned with no concern in her voice at all.
    “Put your nose on it and stay there until I tell you that you can come down. Do you understand?”
    “Yeah, yeah…” she said, patiently going to place her nose in the circle.
    The class laughed and a few kids even threw stuff at her. The teacher ignored them and even allowed them to poke her with pencils and place spit balls in her hair. She kicked a few kids in the groin and even took her nose off of the circle when she thought he wasn’t looking. When she finally was able to get down she stuck her tongue out at her teacher and balled her hand into a fist.
    Now she couldn’t wait to get out of this stupid town. This was the last straw. It wasn’t only Mr. Finly, it was Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Yell, too. They were all rude to her today. She was really happy when her Equine Sciences class was over and she could go to lunch and see Jaron and Taylor. She’d have a long talk with them.
    “Hey, Jaron!” Marli yelled from the top floor as Jaron sat at a table with two lunch trays. He must’ve gotten out of class early to go to lunch. He gets her a lunch whenever he gets out early. All lunch is prepaid and whenever a student is at school they just deduct a daily amount. If they’re absent that day they just keep it the same.
    “Hey Lee!” Jaron yelled back, he was chuckling about something when she got down there.
    “What’s so funny?” Marli asked him, confused as to what was causing his shortage of breath intake.
    “Nuh… Nuh.. Nuth… Nothin much…” He said between gasps of air. He uttered one last chuckle and then looked at her, motioning to her lunch.
    I got you pasta salad, I didn’t know…” He started.
    “It’s fine, that’s what I was going to get anyways.” She really wanted that foot long hot dog but that’s okay, at least he was nice and got her something. Unlike Taylor, Jaron was nice, and understanding to her, Taylor was just… Well she was more self-oriented then Jaron or Marli.
    “Kay, hope ya like it.” He knew she was just being nice, but that’s what he liked about her. She was never selfish. He could have gotten her sloppy joe (one of her least favorite foods) and she’d still be nice about it and politely refuse it, if she refused it at all.
    “Alright…” She managed to say between mouthfuls of pasta salad. He’d gotten her, her favorite, chocolate pudding-pie, for desert and a nice bottle of Cranberry juice to drink.
    They ate in silence for fifteen minutes until they were both finished eating. They got up at the same time, dumped their trash, and walked off to the “hang out hall”.
    The “hang out hall” was a hall that had no used classrooms in it. They were all empty, all the time. They’d caught some weirdoes making out in a few rooms onetime and went into a different room to play cards.
    Today Taylor wasn’t at lunch. “Where’s Taylor?” they asked at the same time.
    “I don’t know I thought you would.” Marli stated, worry in her voice.
    “I thought you would know… Maybe she got checked out already, she said that she needed to go to an orthodontist today, to remove her braces. You agree?” he finished after they’d dealt the cards already.
    “Yeah. You’re probably right. You usually are.”
    “I know I was right about asking you to the dance. You need to get a dress still?” He wondered nonchalantly.
    “Yeah…” the only dress she had was a strange sun-dress with purple and lime green polka dots with an orange backdrop.
    “You should get a nice purple or blue dress. Something like that. You look good with those colors on…” He blushed noticeably.
    “Awwe… You’re blushing” Marli laughed.
    “Cut it out…” he snapped looking shyly away.
    “What? It’s cute… You never blush… Except that one time you peed your pants in fifth grade and a five year old girl stuck a flower in your pants and insisted it would grow.” She giggled.
    “Alright… Alright! Enough of that, it’s embarrassing. And hey, I only peed my pants because you told a stupid joke, and the flower was a fake one from your hair, you should be the one that was blushing.
    “I was blushing, I blushed of laughter. Does that count?”
    “No… Not really…”
    “Oh, okay…”
    “No more jokes?” He said, his face in a pout.
    “Nope, no more jokes, promise.” She put her right hand on her chest and put up her fingers in a Girl Scout’s pledge position “Girl Scout’s honor.”
    “Ha-ha, alright.” Just then he beat her with a tricky move with an ace and a king “Aha! Jills and Pills!” He shouted.
    Jills and Pills was a game that consisted of cards and two to four people. You had to get an ace and a king or a five and a queen in one draw. Jills was the queen and the five, which they already had when Jaron pulled a kind and an ace, a king and an ace is a Pills, Jills and Pills. When you get one pair you say which pair it is and then when you get both you say jills and pills.
    Twenty minutes later the nasally bell rang. They cleaned up and organized the cards into the box.
    “See you later then Marli.” Jaron told her before hugging her and walking down the hallway to the entrance of the lunchroom.
    “See ya.” She smiled as he walked out of the door, blushing from the hug.
    She finished her last two classes and waited out side the front door for her friends. Since Taylor wasn’t here she got to drive and pick who sat in the front. Jaron was the first out to meet her, then Mat, next her other friends all came out together.
    This was only the third time she’d driven the Mustang and she kept her eyes on the road the whole drive, so not to cause an accident. She was a wreck behind the wheel. She wasn’t even supposed to be driving. She hadn’t ever gotten her license, only her permit and she didn’t want to get pulled over.
    She dropped off Mat and Jolie at the first stop, it was a good thing they lived only four houses away from each other. Next she dropped off Jaz, he cracked some joke about falling off of a cliff made of bubble gum in his underwear and getting his underwear caught on a licorice branch. No-one really understood what he said and laughed to amuse him. The last stop was to drop off Karen and Tykin. She and Jaron were the last to go, they’d have to pick up Taylor tomorrow to give her car back.
    Now it was just Marli and Jaron. Marli turned up the Tokio Hotel song. Monsoon was her favorite song by them. Jaron dealt with it, even though he preferred Linkin Park instead.
    Runnin’ through the monsoon,
    Beyond the world to the end of time…
    The song echoed through the car for the next minute and then it switched to the announcer’s voice.
    And next we have a great song by Queen, don’t you love bicycles?
    They listened to the annoying song for a few minutes…
    Bicycle, Bicycle, Bicycle…
    I want to ride my bicycle
    I want to ride my bike…
    I want to ride my bicycle
    I want to ride it where I like….
    This was the most annoying song ever but they loved to make fun of it while it was playing.
    I don’t mind critisism, each to his own, thanks :D
    the thoughts and lyrics are in italics I just didn’t mention it sorry :D that probably ocnfused you. It’s just a rough draft, to get me on a story line, you know, get me started. :D thanks for the critisism though, it really helped. It’s going to be taking place in fall at the moment (in chapter one and two.) and then it will skip to winter and hop and skip to spring, then jumbel to summer :D lol
    thanks :D

  2. Johnny Z says:

    sorry to tell I have no tips.But I think it is amazing
    References :

  3. reignofcheese says:

    It’s not something you can publish, but it’s a good start, and if you have the ideas for a book, you should write one regardless of if it’s good enough. For one, writing is a great outlet, and for another, you won’t get better without practice. One day you might publish a book and dig this one out with some amusement. There is certainly room for improvement, though your writing is certainly not bad or unworkable. When I try to critique around here people mostly just get offended, so I don’t bother anymore.
    References :

  4. Cindy . says:

    Yeah, I agree with ‘reignofcheese’ (what a comical name). You write well, you just need to organize yourslef a little. Perhaps be more descriptive and elongate your sentences a bit. For example:

    As she walked down the long road of lush houses and prefectly trimmed gardens, she thought to herself {italic}Why do I even bother to go to school? There were a multitude of pros and cons to weigh on the reasons for quitting or pursuing it. {italic} I can get a good job, no doubt about that, but I know that I can’t just start up a business without a foundation. A foundation that required schooling. Great.

    That’s an example. For her thoughts, try to write them in Italics rather than remind the reader that she’s conjuring a thought.

    Overall, good so far. You can tweak it a bit but pretty good so far. Keep it up!
    References :
    I just read a lot.

  5. kelby_lake says:


    You make the mistake, which I also make, of assuming that your character will automatically be liked and understood, that we would automatically care that she doesn’t want to go to school. We know school’s a bit dull, we don’t need to read that.

    Try and give us a feel for your character in your first few lines. Does she strut like a model? Wander aimlessly? Stumble clumsily?…
    References :