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Prospecting your Warm Market in Network Marketing

Let’s talk about the most famous and controversial subject in network marketing prospecting: ‘Talking to your warm market (friends and family) about your network marketing business.’ Isn’t it funny that one of the first things you usually hear when you join a network marketing company is, “You will need to make up a list of [...]

10 Things to Do and 10 Places to Go to for Healthy Living in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a port and transportation center located at the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. The city is blessed with skyscrapers and other sceneries. Renowned for the world’s tallest buildings, it is certainly a good place to hang out. By just traveling around, you may get involved in some sports activities of your choice. 1. [...]

2pac’s Legacy Lives on

Selling more than 75 million records world-wide in his all-too-short career, the legend that is Tupac Shakur continues to live on today. 2Pac became the unlikely martyr of gangsta rap when he died on September 13, 2006, six days after being shot during a drive-by shooting. 2pac’s young life and career began in relatively normal [...]

A Brief History of the Chopper Motorcycle

The motorcycles military history dates back as early as 1913. In fact General John J. Pershing used a Harley Davidson motorcycle to pursue the famous Mexican bandit, Pancho Villa, in 1916. By 1917 roughly two thirds of Harley Davidson’s production went to the military. World War 1 saw approximately 20,000 Harley’s pressed into military service [...]

The NBA And The Community

The National Basketball League has some excellent players on its teams. They train well, play well, and interact well. The players not only do these things well, but they also give to the community. NBACARES is a wonderful program that allows youths in need of role models and other types of assistance to receive this [...]